The Southeastern Sring Rally
Dixie 2005
Hosted by LA Chapter 1
New Orleans
Our favorite yankees in trouble with the law again...Bike Night in Prattville AL
Shortly after arriving, Jack Downs (International VP) hung the Red Knights Banner (Marking our territory). Chapters representatives from Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland and our friends from Rhode Island, New York, Indiana, Massschusetts and Connecticut all cranked up and rode to the town of Westwego. LA Chapter 1 and the local Fire Department put on a great welcome diner. The Mayor and Fire Chief personally welcomed us to the city and made everyone feel at home. Our thanks to them for the hard work and great food!
The local firefighters even gave us the best parking spots in the house.
Steve Guillot, President of LA Chapter 1 (Right) opens the meeting and gives us a run down of the upcoming events
Saturday morning about 9:30, about 65 bikes cranked up and headed out for a swamp tour and cajun food
gators say...,
"Send  more tourist...'cause they taste like chicken"
After the Swamp Tour and a Cajun Style was back to the motel for a couple hours of down time. At the meeting, The Dixie Confederation of Southern Chapters was officially in place. Gene Downs (International Southeastern Director) is the President. Dallis Johnson, AL State Rep is the 1st VP. Steve Guillot, LA State Rep is the 2nd VP. Bo Teopfer,  MD State Rep is the Sec. Jimmy Ledbetter of TX Chapter 3 is the Treasure. Chris Gadway of MD Chapter 4 is the Quartermaster and Skip Kittrell of AL 2 is the Road Captain.

***Legal Disclaimer***
            (No alligators or tourist were injured or eaten while
photographing the Swamp Tour)
What trip to the great City of New Orleans would be complete without a night on the town? Steve did a great job of showing us around and keeping us out of jail while we toured the most famous street in New Orleans...Bourbon Street.
Sunday morning, the local CMA came to the hotel for a Bike Blessing before we all headed home
The hard part is always saying goodbye.

One weekend is never long enough to do all that you want to do, and visit with everyone there.

The only thing you can do is look forward to next year to do it again.
There is no way to began to express my appreciation to Steve and the rest of LA Chapter 1. They were great host and took care of us all.
They demonstrated true brotherhood within the fire service and the Red Knights MC.
"Loyal to our Duty"
In all, around 120
RK members attended
The Dixie 2005 Rally